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Learn to Live Mindfully

January 07, 2019
Learn to Live Mindfully

 With the New Year often we make New Year’s resolutions.  Usually, these have to do with the body and our physical health.  “I’m going to work out more.” Or, “I’m going to eat less junk-food.”  Though the body is an important thing to take care of, what about the mind and our mental health?  Our minds can have as much, if not more, of an impact on our daily lives and overall well-being.

Just as our bodies can become more fit and resilient through intentional activity, so too can our minds.  We are excited to announce a couple of upcoming opportunities aimed at cultivating a more resilient and healthier mind.  We invite you to register for the MLP Mindfulness Foundations Course and/or to check out a free public talk by the course teacher, Aaron Taylor, titled, “Mental Fitness: The 4 Keys of Living Mindfully”.

Through this engaging course, participants will be introduced to meditation training along with practical and accessible mindfulness tools aimed at cultivating genuine happiness.  Start 2019 off with a course that will give you skills to cultivate a mind that will help you engage in life in a way that you find meaningful.  To register or to find out more info about the course and the public talk please visit"

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