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Adult Softball
General Info
Location Community Campus
Dates › Early June – Late July
Costs & Other Info
Men's Rec and Men's Comp Leagues registration › $1000 ($980 Online)
Adult Softball Coed League registration › $876 ($835 Online)
Alex Schrempf / Athletic Coordinator
Adult Softball Details
Aspen's most popular Adult Sports leagues. Come on out and play softball, meet new people and just enjoy playing on our "Fields of Dreams". Call us with any questions (970) 920-5140 Opening day celebration and further details to follow. Priority Registration opens April 5th Online Open Registration opens May 1st Registration Deadline closes on May 25th Opening Day on June 4th Rainout Hotline 970...

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Adult Softball 2019!

Aspen's most popular adult leagues!
CO-ED Recreational League [Mondays]
Men's Recreational League (Tuesdays)
Men's Competitive League (Wednesdays)

Adult leagues begin week of June 3 and conclude the first 3 weeks off August.

Youth Softball and Baseball is also offered! See our Youth Leagues page for more details, Enrollment Deadline is May 25th.

Priority Registration opens to Returning Teams from the 2018 Seasons on April 1st. (Call Alex to renew by April 10th).
Online Open Registration will be live on Wednesday, April 11th, 2019!


Rainout Hotline (970) 544-5834(JUDI)

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